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It has been a long time since I last blogged. Oh dear, haha.

I had been busy bringing up my 3 daughters who have now grown up, the youngest being 8, which reminds me of why I had even started this blog in the first place; to share ideas I had or learnt of from the numerous birthday parties I've hosted or attended. With my children all out of the toddler phase, I have the time to start blogging again, but things have changed around here so bear with me if there are any mistakes.

I hope I can share with you more about organising child birthday party.  It does not take a lot of effort, but the kids really enjoy themselves if the activities are organized well.

If you are a mum and have children at age around 3 to 7 year's old, they most probably would enjoy a magic show orientated party. You probably have to pay a couple of hundreds in Singapore to engage one. Prices differ for different shows hosted by different magicians.  Once you manage to engage one, all you have to do is sit back and relax, and watch the show together with the children.  They will even assist you with the cake cutting and some of these magicians even have balloon sculpturing sessions for the kids to enjoy while having their cakes.

However, school please remember to check with the school or kindergarten, or your child if someone else had organised a magic show party recently and be sure you do not engage the same one. Even if you do, remember to inform the organiser in advance so they can do different tricks at your party so that the children will not be bored with the same magic show. This is based on a personal experience as during a past birthday party I had engaged the same magician as one of the students in the school just a couple of days before my daughter's birthday.  My daughter told me some of the tricks were the same and thus not as funny since they had already seen them. It was definitely not the best birthday party planned as it was evident that the children were not having as much fun as expected.

I hope this sharing has helped you in any way with organizing your child's birthday party, happy planning!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Video on fun party games

Watch this video on games played on birthday child party. See how excited and happy these kids were at the party playing party games!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Successful Children's Birthday Party Activities

I read this article and would like to share with you about this successful childredn birthday party activities. It looks a lot of preparation, but if you have the time, just try this out. Else, you may get some help by getting these craft from the shopping malls.

Successful Children's Birthday Party Activities

~ lots of fun, cheap, creative and even bilingual! ~

by Stephanie Olsen

Having now somewhat recovered from Emily's seventh birthday party, I thought I'd share a couple of the more popular games and activities, used by a group of children between the ages of 4 and 10.

Bilingual Vocabulary Picture Bingo

As a unilingual home schooling American in Europe, I've got a fairly singular set of conditions to work under when creating activities. This bingo game was a hit with lots of repeat requests.

Materials needed:

one square piece of construction or other sturdy paper and one Magic Marker for each child

9 bingo chips such as buttons or M&Ms or bubble gum per child

prepared list(s) of 18 objects to be called, plus a copy of each list cut up per word into 18 small cards

a large bowl/hat to pull the words from when calling

one translator for any other linguistically-challenged expatriates


Hand out the papers, markers and bingo chips. I had the kids spread out all over the floor.

Instruct the children to make a 9 square grid; two horizontal lines and two bisecting vertical lines (you can show your sample bingo card or demonstrate on a child's blackboard).

I actually used the phrases "nine square grid", "horizontal lines" and "bisecting vertical": it exposes the children to mathematical terms in a friendly environment and, because sounds very impressive, there's a true sense of accomplishment when the kids complete the task.

Using your list of (let's say) animals, tell the children to draw - in any square they wish - the picture of EITHER an elephant OR a lion. Stress that the card they are creating should be unique to make the game more fun.

If you are working on a second language, or just happen to be living in a foreign non-English-speaking country, repeat the animal name in the applicable language.

Once the first box is completed and using the second pair of objects on your list, tell the kids to draw - in any square - a picture of EITHER a snake or a monkey.

This particular party having a jungle theme, it helped the younger children for me to point out relevant wall decorations (very simple animal cut-outs I had made the night before).

When all cards are completed, explain that the aim of the game is to shout BINGO! whenever a child gets three markers in a row - in any direction. Here the terms horizontal, vertical and diagonal can be used and understood without explanation as you draw lines on the board.

NOTE: when you start the game, remember to call out the words in both languages. After a couple of rounds, you can make it more interesting by calling them out in the target language only - the kids will automatically translate out loud thereby helping ones not sure of the translation.

We played until the cards were full, so that everyone got to shout BINGO! several times - there were no prizes given out, just lots of "wow!"s and "again?!s" and "that's incredible!"s from an appreciative bingo caller.

When the theme chosen has run its course, you can refresh the game by drawing new cards on the back of the old ones, with whatever objects fit your interests or fancy: pieces of fruit, holiday or fairy tale characters (ie., Santa, Easter Bunny, Pilgrim, tooth fairy, angel etc.), Sesame Street cast, buildings or monuments (house, pyramid, igloo), etc.

Balloon Decoration

Once the balloons were inflated, dizziness and hyperventilation receding to acceptable levels, we strung them together with thread and hung them, cascading from windows, as an out-of-the-way decoration. When they were needed, we freed the balloons and let the girls choose a favorite color.

The gang gathered round a large table covered by a cheap disposable plastic tablecloth, and started working with a variety of decorating materials including:

glitter glue squeezable tubes

glitter glue pots with applicator stick

clear liquid glue with applicator stick (for the real professionals)

glue sticks

paint brushes

washable paint

crepe paper strips


colorful cotton balls

small pom-poms




Easter grass

colored sand


macaroni (different shapes and sizes)



all of the foregoing items neatly organized in old egg cartons.

This activity kept everyone busy for a solid 30 minutes, and some of their creations were real works of art. To dry one side at a time, tie a ribbon to the knot of the balloon and tape up on the wall or window.

Once in a while, there'd be a loud explosion and some screams. No one ever got very upset about the destruction of their masterpiece, but the added tension seemed to keep interest high.

Although it sounds like an awful mess, it's actually a quick and easy clean-up: just grab the brushes and markers and any other salvageable items, then wrap up the rest in the tablecloth and toss. Since the activity was held in a playroom with a hardwood floor, one quick sweep finished the job off.

Take Home Memories

When parents came collecting, the kids happily flaunted their personalized bingo cards and balloon projects, which of course they took home as party favors, chocolate stained with ribbons trailing.

About the Author:

Stephanie Olsen, published writer, homeschooling mother of two and ESL teacher currently residing in Europe, is also owner of the expatriate site, Family Life Abroad - the expat place where you'll find humorous and informative articles by experienced expatriates on all aspects of living abroad, with lots of links and travel tips.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pinata Birthday Party Video and Tips

Video showing kids enjoying and laugthing hitting the Pinata...

Two years old can have fun with Pinata this.

I am sharing some birthday party video with Pinata Party Theme. View to see the fun the children have. However, a tip on safety, make sure you do not stand too near to the child beating the Pinata especially the older ones to prevent yourself from getting hurt. If you need to guide them, make sure they stop holding up the stick and stop beating, otherwise you may be the Pinata instead. Just take a bit of precaution, this should not stop you from having a great Pinata birthday party.

Pinatas are Fun for young and old!

by Mike Yeager

Pinatas make a great theme to center a party around. It can be a birthday party, a going away party or just a fun party where friends and family get together. Pinatas offer excitement and challenge for both the young and old because it’s exciting to see someone swing a stick around and anticipate the breaking of the pinata and watching all the candies, chocolates and prizes spill out.

All pinatas lovers know that the right ingredients mixed with care and exactness produce a colorful, rewarding pinata that is loved by everyone.

Having pinatas at a child’s birthday party is always a hit. It really doesn’t matter how old a kid is, from 5 years to 75 years young, everyone enjoys watching and being watched as they attempt to break open a colorful surprise filled pinata. And just watch those young faces erupt in laughter when all that candy spills out.

Whether your looking for pinatas for a friend or a special treat for your family, pinatas made from the best ingredients available is sure to please everyone.

I suggest that you purchase only quality pinatas filled with the best candy and the freshest quality ingredients. You’re sure to have great fun with your pinata.

About the Author

Mike Yeager

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More to assist you in organising birthday child party games

Below is a recomended list of online games, template etc that you could rely on to enhance your child birthday party and more....

Children's Dinosaur Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Under the Sea Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Fairy Tale Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Car Racing Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Glow in the Dark Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Clown Around Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Knights of the Round Table Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Deep Space Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Marooned Scavenger Hunt for 10 Girls Mystery Party Game and Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Party Games For Ages 4 to 14: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Birthday party games for all age group

Below are few very popular games play in birthday child party. These are simple games that are easy to organise and play. The children will definitely enjoy themselves with laughters and fun. So go ahead and select a game or two for your child birthday pary.

Musical Chair
In this party game, we set up in a line a few chairs. When the music start, the children will walk around the chairs until the music stop. When the music stop, the children will try to sit on the nearest available chair. The last child who did not get hold of any chair and remain standing will be out of the game. Remove one chair and start the music again. This go on and on till we left with two children and one chair. The last round whereby the child who was able to grasp the last chair will be the winner. To design the game to suit your selected theme, you may play music relating to your them or tape characters of your theme on each chair and this will make it very special for your child birthday party.

Water Collection
This game is more suitable for outdoor as it will wet the floor. You can form three to four teams of 4 person to a team. All you need for each team is a chair with a bowl of water and a spoon. At the other end, about a meter away, place another chairs with an emply bottle. Each team member will take turn to fill the empty glass with water by scooping the water from the bowl with the spoon and walk over to the other chair and fill up the bottle with water. The team who is the first in filling up the bottle is the winner.

Centipedes race
This game is also suitable for outdoor or if you have a large room. You can have few teams (recommend about three teams) of 4 person to a team. Each team member will form a line with their hands on the waists of the person in from of them. Place a chair or a stick at the other end of about two meter away. Make sure you space out the team to ensure enough room for the team to move around. Each team is to move as quickly to the opposite site where the chair/stick is and go round the chair/stick and return back to the start point. The team who come in first is the winner.

The rule of the game is that while running no one should take his/her hands off the waist of the person in front. Once the chain is broken, the team looses the game. The team also should not lift the chair or the stick while going around it.

Passing the balloon
You have three teams of four players. Station two player at one end and another two player at the other end of a meter apart. You can increase the distance depending the age of the players. Each pair of the players is to hold the balloon in-between them without using their hands and walk as quickly over to the other end and pass the balloon to the other pair. They should not use their hand to pass the balloon. Once the other 2 players take over the balloon, they will walk quickly back to the start point. The team who complete first is the winner.

Blind man's buff on the spot
Choose a volunteer to be the leader and blindfold him/her and placed in the middle of the room. Each players will take a piece of furniture with them (eg chair, cushion, table etc. The leader is to move around to look for the players. When he/she touch a player he/she is to identify the player, if the player is being identified, the player will be out of the game. Each player can use the furniture they have to prevent being touched. But they must not leave their places andmust have some contact with the piece of furniture they choose. If the wrong person is identified, all will clap their hands and the game move on. The last person to be remain in the game is the winner. You may also wish to prepare a small prize for the volunteer as well. However, please ensure safety while playing this game. You may have a person to guide the leader to ensure that he/she do not knock into something. Have fun your guest will enjoy this during your child birthday party.

More Kid Party Crafts And Games

48 exciting, unique Baby Shower Games.

How YOU CAN easily create FUN Shaped Gift Box & Arts and Craft Project with unique templates and patterns for giving the perfect gift...

101 Easy Craft Project Ideas.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Birthday party games for age 10 and older

Below is a few popular party games played by children 10 and older.

Treasure hunt
For older children, they like games that challenge their intelligence, skill and knowledge. So going for games like treasure hunt can be very fun and challenging. Speed is the key to winning, each group is given a clue and they use the clue to find for the next clue till they find the treasure. You should restrict to about 4 clues so as not to make the game too long. However, you need to get prepare and hide these clues before hand. The first team to find the treasure is the winner.

Dance Party
Everybody like music and dancing is great. Get some lightings effect and organised a simple dance party can be very enjoyable too.

Miniature Golf
You may introduce golf to your guest. These children can go for miniature golf for kids and have a swing or two. There are clubs that have special golf for children and you may arrange with them for a party.

Organise a beach party is simple. It ususally does not cost any money to get a place at the beach. You can organise some beach ball games like volley ball, football or some simple party games. However, if organising a beach party, make sure there is shelter in the event the wealther is against you and start to rain you still can continue to host your birthday party.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Birthday party games for age 6 to 9

Below is a few popular party games played by children 6 to 9 years old.

Bursting balloons
Get ready many blown up balloons with a rubber bend tied to each balloon. Each child is given one balloon to be tied to their ankle. Get the children to form a circle. Once the music starts, the children will try to burst the other children's balloon by stepping on them. The last child whose balloon is not burst by anybody is the winner. Remember, at the end of the game, carefully clean up the balloon remains, as they are choke hazards for young children.

Balloon Burst Relay
Get a balloon that is large enough to insert small items inside. Stuff a small prize inside and inflate the balloon. (Prepare before the party). Do tie the balloon tight and do not prepare too early to ensure that the balloon are still inflated during the games. Make sure there are enough balloon for every guest. Form the children into two groups and place them behind a start line. Once the music starts, a child from each group will run to the other end of the room where the balloons are, grasp a balloon and try to bust it by sitting, jumping or lying on it. (whatever way they can think of to burst the balloon.)

Once the balloon is burst, they collect the prize inside the balloon and run back to their group. This goes on to the next person in the group. There will be full of laughter when you see all the kids in action. To ensure no one fall too far behind, any children who need help to burst the balloon, the parent could give them a hand. The game continues till everyone collects a prize.

Throwing dart
Hang a dart board on the wall low enough for the kids. Get darts that are not sharp headed, the magnetic type will be good for safety reason. Draw a line on the floor as the starting point. Get each of them to throw the darts three times and add the marks together. The child with the highest score is the winner.

Magician party
Magician party is also suitable for age 6 to 9. Get a magician to perform during the party for an hour or so and fill the party with endless laughter and fun. Let the magician do all the work, 100% hassle and risk free!

Click here to view Magician Party organiser offer in Singapore & party preview